Spiritual Crippling

The Gods, male and female, come together to create an intelligence, a spirit. Two coming together for the purpose of creating individual entities with freedom to choose; freedom to choose its own path, freedom to explore and blossom into what the unique Spirit of God is in them. This is the spirit of God in all, given to them either with or without their awareness.1

When we come here, we are little children. We are bold and fearless and wild. As we grow, we become convinced that we are frail. We fear our own existence.2 We take of the Tree of Knowledge and we make ourselves unworthy. We fear so much that we rely on strong men and religion to show us the way, and men are too eager to offer false religion as a means of salving our conscience.3 We effectively make ourselves automatons and become exactly what we are created not to be having no independent will or thought, but the shell of someone else. The shell of parents, teachers, doctors, priests and other "experts."

I listened to Denver, took in his thoughts and reasoned them out within myself and came to a determination whether they were accurate or not. In an experience with God, I felt the freedom He gave me. I was then free from the LDS religion which binds men down with grievious burdens,4 but at the same time it is easy to come down to a degree to someone else's thoughts. I went from one dependence to dependence on another. Afraid again to look elsewhere, afraid to use my own thought, afraid of my own judgment and potential failure.5

So then I became an automaton where I was the host and shell of somebody else. Denver has given keys of knowledge which we can use, and he said that if he told us everything he would only cripple us. He would cripple us for the same reason that in our first existence we were created to be independent and independently functioning intelligent beings by a King who is extremely liberal and democratic.

We are here to develop faith, we were created as spiritual beings in order to develop faith to be able to act independently in order to be and when we come here that faith is lost, blinded by lies, by fear, by dependence.

When the man in white led Lehi out, he left him in a dark and dreary waste.6 The angel left. Lehi thought he was blessed and increased in riches, but this messenger showed him his true standing, that he was "wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked." It was not until the angel got out of the way, that Lehi beheld this. It was not until he had to grope in the dark to find the Iron Rod. The Iron Rod was not another man, it was the Word of God.



1. See Beloved Enos.

2. "See you are naked, Father will see your nakedness and how deficient you are. Hasten! Hide!"

3. 4 Nephi 1:26-27

4. The burdens, being primarily the ones talked about in this article.

5. "If you only follow me, not one shall be lost. Therefore, give glory that belongs to God unto me, for you know that I will do it."

6. I know I have at times interpreted this scripture in another way. I believe there are many meanings that can be given at different times for different purposes depending on our need.