Peace in Paradise Blog: Angels Among Us Today?

Article: Peace in Paradies: Angels Among Us Today?

I read this article and enjoyed it. I added some of my own comments if the author decides to publish them. Regardless, here are my comments:

Good article. I think it's important to remember that messengers often become a distraction. The messenger led Lehi to a dark and dreary waste (assuming helping Lehi behold his true condition), and then got out of the way to leave him to grovel to God. Messengers often become a point of worship, and God allows them to be so as he did with the Jews because they desired it. Joseph gave us a lot of light here and there, and a lot of administrative overhead, contradictions and busywork to work through; gave in to a lot of Campbellite nonsense because those restorationists already believed it to be true, and only corrected "the first principles" at the end of his mission. There is enough information in the Bible to be saved. The BoM provides additional information as well as Joseph's ministry. We have an abundance of knowledge to search and discover the religion of "the fathers" without waiting on someone to reveal it for us. When it comes down to it, we only need the Holy Ghost to teach us if we're willing to put in the effort and decades to hear. It is the entire record of heaven and had all knowledge and all power. In other words, there is nothing the Holy Ghost doesn't have. It is our personal endowment if we accept it. If we don't, God has plenty of worksheets he's willing to give us to occupy our time.

According to Joseph, even angels "look beyond the mark" and desire to look into the mysteries that they forfeit.