The Greatest Art of Every Human

"The truth needs to be experienced. Humans have the need to describe, to explain, to express what we perceive, but when we experience the truth, there are no words to describe it. Whoever claims, 'This is the truth,' is lying without even knowing it. We can perceive truth with our feelings, but as soon as we try to describe it with words, we distort it, and it's no longer the truth. It's our story! It's a perception based on reality that is only true for us, but still we try to put our experiences into words, and this is something wonderful, really. It's the greatest art of every human." (Grandfather of Don Miguel Ruiz, Quoted in The Voice of Knowledge)

This is the second of Miguel's books, that I have read. While he delivers the message, I consider the message not to be his, but the common heritage of mankind. It is self-evient, it belongs to each of us.


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