Fearful Dream

9:01 am

I had another dream early this morning that I thought I should write down.  I feel like the Lord is trying to prepare me to help me learn how to overcome false spirits, demons and such, how to remember Him and call on His name.

The dream:
It began with me at the church building in Brandon FL off of John Moore Rd.  Our old ward bldg.  It was a bright lovely day outside and I was coming in from the back (everyone’s usual/general entrance into the bldg.).  Once I got in the bldg. I noticed that it was dark inside; the power was out due to a tropical storm that had come through and brought down the electricity.  Anyway, once inside I seemed to wander aimlessly around, oh yeah, in this dream I was either an older teenager or a very young adult.  I also was still living at home with my parents.  Anyway, I found myself in the sacrament room and I could clearly see, in the dark, the faces of my mom and Missy Novak.  They were telling me that I needed to go to seminary but for some reason the seminary was at different various homes throughout the community and each age group in a different location making it extraordinary for me take my younger siblings and me to get where I needed to be.  So, I somehow ended up back outside driving around town gazing upon all the fimilar old scenes of Brandon/Valrico FL; manicured lawns, moldy fences, mossy trees in tiny yards.  I ended back up at the ward bldg. again.  I went into the bldg. again and it was dark again, only this time much darker inside than the time before, to a point of almost pitch black darkness.  Well, I went and found all the youth.  There were very many of us, with chairs set up all the way through the gym.  All of the YM were dressed in 100% Boy Scout uniforms and the girls were in black skirts and colored buttoned down blouses.  They were all in the attitude of staring up at a screen watching some sort of conference.  They seemed completely hypnotized and in a trance.  I sat down and joined them.  After I bit I needed to use the bathroom so I went out into the foyer.  Only 1 person was out there, and it was very dark.  I was a little afraid so I told him I was going to the bathroom so someone would kow where I was.  He plainly heard me, but seemed in the trance and seemed not to hear.  I went anyway.  Down the hall by the Primary room everything was very dark but there was a night light heading into the bathroom that made me reassusered to still use it because I would be able to see. I went into the bathroom and when I turned to enter a stall a man walked in the bathroom door. He was tall, thin, white, and young 20’s.  He had on jeans but no shirt and there was wrtining on his chest.  I cannot remember what the writing said, but I know it communicated to me that I was in danger and there was no one who could help.  I was overcome with great as he very slowly, with great minuatiea, advanced into the room.  I tried to move, to scream, but I was physically unable to do so.  I was terrified and yet exerting all my afforts to cry out for help.  Suddenly I lessened my fear enough to call out to young man I had passed in the foyer.  The man in the room communicated to me, without talking, that the boy could not help me and would not come.  I was overcome again and tried to move.  I was frozen, but by degrees lost some of the fear and as a result regained the use of my body.  As I lost fear the young man began to shrink in size into a boy.  I ran forward and snatched him up.  I ran down the hall into the sacrament room where everyone else was still sitting in darkness, in a trance, in an attitude of watching conference.  I took the boy, who was continually shrinking into a baby, and rubbed him onto various people and forced them to see and feel him, and I would ask “Do you see this boy?”  Do you seethe baby?” “Is he real?”  and they were like, “yeah”.  And I told them “See, when a girl tells you there is someone down there trying to hurt them he is real, HE IS REAL”.  Suddenly I was able to turn on the light so that everyone was able to see, I held up the baby and called out something, but the boy, who had shrunk to a baby, continued to shrink until he disappeared.  I woke up.  The dream ended.