JMB Pooped

I want to tell of another experience, but first, a little back ground information.  JMB is our 7th child, 4th son.  He was born last year 11/29/2013.  He is 11 months old.  He was born with Down syndrome.  He is a very healthy baby but he has had a few minor problems.  He has had a hard time (at least it is a bit concerning for me) with bowel movements and he has fluid in the ears reducing hearing and distorting what he does hear which effects speech, language, and cognition.  He has been off and on with what I would consider normal BM’s, usually typical or close to typical.  But he pretty much has had a rough last 2 or 3 months.  I realized I needed to stop worrying about it and let him work it out on his own.  As for the fluid, I discovered about it early to mid August.  I have been taking him to have CranioSacral Therapy.  So far, it is has been a great success.  I also take him to speech, occupational, and physical therapy.  I finally quit the speech, knowing she wasn’t helping us and we didn’t actually seem to need it.  Also, the PT called to let us know she was let go, and the OT thinks she is moving and possibly turning in her notice.  So …… what to do about therapy?  I have been looking into other options and studying, studying, researching, blah, blah, blah like mad.  This leads to my experience last night.

Last night I was in the living room nursing JMB while MSB was at the computer writing some blog posts.  All the kids were in bed and it was just the three of us.  JMB finished nursing and I sat in the rocking chair and just held his a while as he slept.  As I did so the thought came to me that I should ask MSB to come and place his hands on JMB head and offer a prayer.  I asked him, though I was hesitant, feeling he would be irritated to be interrupted over something so small.  He wasn’t irritated and come over immediately.  He asked what “kind of prayer” and I said, “just any”.  So he went and got a vial of oil and blessed JMB.  He used somewhat different wording than usual leaving out the word Melchizedek. It was the sweetest blessing.  I never remember very well what the blessings say but I will try and write down the jist of it.

He blessed JMB that he would be strong of body and mind.  That he would grow and increase in his abilities both physical and mental.  He blessed that I would know what to do for him according to his needs and that he would do well with his therapies.  He blessed him that his health; vision, speech, hearing, would all be totally healthy and he would be whole.  He blessed me specifically as his mother (although to be honest I don’t remember any of that).

For some reason as the word hearing was spoken it was brought to my attention as though it was written in bold capital letters.  I felt a strong impression that was physical and my worries were replaced with a sense of calm peace.  Afterwards I lay the baby down and went to bed myself.

I woke up this morning and was just having a normal regular day, but somehow the day has seemed glorious.  Right around noon JMB had finished nursing and was playing on the floor.  He was rolling around so well, reaching for toys, and propping up on his arms.  I was clapping and excited for him.  During this activity JMB went a normal poop!  I mean he pooped!  It was hard at first, but as he kept going it thinned out and came more easily.  It was like when I have given him an enema!  I was (and am) ecstatic!  It is such a tiny thing, that God cares about poop and breastfeeding, or whatever other “small” thing, but it is a miracle.  That was his first normal BM in 2/3 months.  I don’t know what the future holds.  I don’t know from one day to the next, but I know that God is there with me.  I am so thankful for that.