TRB's Dream

TRB wrote this during home school opening exercises on Friday September 12, 2014.  He doesn't know when it happened, even whether it was in Tennessee or our previous state.

I spoke with TRB after reading this and having read other's experiences, I suggested that he pray again for the vision and that he ask to be forgiven, or cry out "God help me!" instead of not knowing what to say or do.


I've included the text of the dream here preserving the spelling.

"One night I had a dream, there was a stair-way that glowed a brilleint white and there was nothing exept empty white space arond me and the stair-way, witch still had about 50 steps to go till the top.  And at the top was the god head with all of there angels spred out behind them every last one watching and waiting.  It looked like the sun had set right behind them and the brightness was incredible, the middle figure said some words and the whole place trembled by his graet glory and power.  By now my fear was so graet as he mintioned all of my mistakes that I wished the mounitons could have fallen upon me and hid me but I knew it was no use, it felt as thow nothing in existens could have hid me, the fear with every second would would ten-fold unti it was so much it forced me out of my deep sleep, and you can ask MSBJ how hard it is to wake me up."