President Monson Dream

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was attending a future general conference broadcast in a ward building. President Monson was speaking, but his jokes were falling flat.  He threw something into the audience as another kind of joke and people looked at him strangely. He then began weeping and said that a quarter of a million members are leaving the church. I got the sense he had no idea what to do about it. I felt very sad for him.  My mother in law turned and looked at me and my wife accusingly. Several women in the tabernacle choir rose and turned their backs to symbolize they were shunning those leaving, and I let out a short laugh and said "Of course." As in of course that would be their petty reaction to the announcement.

I also felt to say that these members aren't leaving, at least some of them, they are being forced out, and others seeing they are not wanted are leaving.

I don't think this was an inspired dream, I just think in my sleep my underlying sympathies were exposed and I really do feel sorry for at least some of these men. I'm sure they have no idea what to do and are doing the best they know how.

I prayed this morning for him and all those leaders who are sincerely trying, but know not what they do, that the Lord would comfort them and bless them with His spirit because the are also his children and the Lord loves them. They are in the path trying to be saved by their Lord just as we are, but are in a different stage of development.