Today I think I’ve experienced my baptism of fire. I feel as though I have transcended the hell of this world, like I’ve reached a new level of life, everything has more depth and meaning. People are beautiful because God is with them and in them. I feel as though my life’s purpose has been made known unto me by God.  His patience his kindness, his willingness to go that extra mile, it no longer confounds me, because I am in him and he is in me, filling my soul completely, perfectly. I felt like I was a maker of peace, and that is what I was supposed to be. I feel a power, a power unfamiliar with the people of the earth, it is not power as they see it, but as God sees it, it is the power of love, peace patience, kindness; the willingness to endure for the sake of others. It is power, truly it is, it is the power by which God works, it is the power of obedience to divine law. I have seen the workmanship of my Father, and I have seen that it is good. Though I have not seen him in the flesh, nor seen the world from the beginning to end, but I have, can and do see the beauty in all that there is, the hidden beauty of people, plants, animals, and all life. I vouch for God when he says that it is good.

When I was younger I used to dream about leaving this earth and exploring space, but now I know that I'm meant to be here. I'm not supposed to leave. I need to be aloof from the worries of this world, so that I am not brought down. If I am brought down, then I can't be there when other people need me, because I'll be in the same state as them.