Bearing The Sins of the World

We take upon us the sins of the world, or the offenses others give us, and if we are true to what is in us, we forgive them, that they might not stand accused before God. We release them and let them go free. If, in us, is enthroned God himself, then the judge of sins is already here among all of us. If we forgive each other, and that coming from a holy place in us, then we could all live in peace, free from the fear. Where are thine accusers? If we would let perfection reign in us, then we would let all offenders go.

If the Savior has the privelege of forgiving sins, then so do we. We have the power to atone. If we let others go free from what they commit against us and against their better nature. We have the power to show forth divine love and atone for the sins in our sphere. By so doing, we overcome the world. Because the Light of Christ is the source of all creation, all offenses committed by anyone falls within his sphere to return love, to send rain on the just and unjust, to go two miles with those who compel him to go one. And he does and will. Our terror, I believe, will result from the horror of not realizing the glory we might have also been partakers of while mortal, the horror of our own blindness to love, and the murder and hate we inflicted upon those we should have loved, our own flesh, our own spirit, upon ourselves.

Now is the time, when we only see ourselves and each other through the glass darkly, that we are blessed with choosing the choice of sight. To bring glory to one another through love. To sum all up, to literally honor God who is in the least.

What a covenant it will be for someone to have seen you when it was difficult to see, and to have been a refuge to your soul.

The judgement day is when we see clearly, eye to eye and there will be weaping for joy, falling upon each other's necks and there will be wailing for what might have been, and there will be gnashing of teeth.


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