MSB FB Post: Watched Manhunt: Unabomber. They did a great job on the show, showing all perspectives. Very, very sad. One of the bombing victims made the statement that "he was in it until he saw justice done." Unfortunately he'll be waiting for a long time because justice will never be done, and reaches far beyond simply putting the-stuff-immediately-in-front-of-you in a dungeon, and winds up creating more injustice. The greatest perpetrators of the events were never prosecuted and occurred decades before the bombings ever started. I thank God he has a different sense of justice than we do, and wish we could get a better clue.


LE: Dude I watched manhunt because of your FB post. Really shook me. I mean I can't justify even a little what he did although I do pity him knowing what he went through. But mostly his commentary on the industrial revolution really rung my bell. I am a slave. A cog. At least it feels like I am.

MSB: Yeah, I feel that way a lot of the time.

“You can’t eat your cake and have it too.” Makes more sense, that’s for sure. :D

My perspective vacillates. Sometimes I see myself as in a beautiful situation with work, great opportunities, mostly fun work. Other times I see myself as essentially a slave to the circumstances I find myself in.

I wonder if I would see myself as a slave to the heat, cold, bugs, disease of nature growing my own food like Ted did, as much as I find myself bound in my current profession.

There’s a lot to be said for living simply. I should force myself to camp/hike more often. —Speaking of, I knew a teenager that hiked the entire Appalachian trail by himself. He came back, I think unable to deal modern society for some time, he didn’t talk. I know of some others that went on missions in third-world countries and were very depressed for a long time coming back to the US.

Speaking of modern society, I got an espresso machine a bit ago, and have been having fun with it. If you’re ever in town, stop by and  I’ll make you a frappe. :)

Speaking of those atrocities, I personally hold those sick people in the CIA more responsible for the bombings than I do Ted—kind of like I only feel sorry for Mylie Cyrus. I think Ted, the person, is precious to Christ and came to experience extreme trials and that his journey isn’t over. At the same time, I feel very sorry for his victims, but I kind of take the Zen approach to victimization; terrible things befall us in life, some worse than others, but each person experiences things they need to, to progress. Ultimately death is a release and I suppose whatever I died of, I will almost immediately look back and say, “that wasn’t so bad. It was painful in the moment, but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t have tried to handle it better. Now that I know, sent me back and I’ll try again.” You could look at Christ as the biggest victim of all.

(That’s my hybrid take on Zen, anyway.)