Someone asked me for an overview of what I thought about the LDS church and what has happened with the Snuffer/Remnant movement. Below is what I sent with some slight modifications:


Overall, I think Joseph knew what he was talking about. He was visited by Jesus and tutored by him. I don't think being visited by God, however fixes all of our defects, or corrects all of our prejudices or cultural inculcations, but instead, gives us a baseline to re-evaluate what we think we know. I think visitations are a testament to God's grace and not the person's goodness. I think learning about God's love is the primary reason he manifests himself. I think Joseph was learning his own set of lessons, made just for him.

By Brigham's own admission late if life had none of that. And despite his ability to build earthly kingdoms, he created a kind of hell on earth for the people that followed him. The people were faithful because they thought they were pleasing God. Even evil people can have moments of heavenly inspiration at times. So that is the birth of the current LDS church and what I think of it.

I think Denver has done a lot of good, and freed a lot of people from mental-religious slavery, and has revealed the goodness and liberality of God. There were some personalities within the movement that garnered a lot of attention, and started, what a few people saw, as undermining the concepts of loose fellowships and authority from Christ, and trying to add to the Doctrine of Christ. I think the people that "followed" him wanted to create the LDS church version 2.0, this time with a "real" prophet, "real" ordinances and a "real" temple. Denver either:
    –wanted the same thing, which doesn't seem likely, because his blog protested against the pressure he was getting at one point, or
    –he wanted to give them what they wanted, or
    –God commanded him to give them what they wanted, or
    –he's gone mad.

Keep in mind Denver's message was out there for much longer (eleven years) than the Book of Mormon was before those saints were condemned (only two years).

Regardless of the reason, Denver was very brutal in his words to people minded like us. Whether he was operating under inspiration for God's purposes or not, I will withhold judgement, but I won't be bound or part of yet a new group of judgemental people. The followers quickly cast us out. We protested for a while, appealing to them, but without avail. They had no love of God, definitely no love for us; it was more "pretended than real".

From what I can tell (Jacob 4:14, Ezekiel 14, Ezekiel 20, Acts 15:10, 1 Samuel 8:7, D&C 84:23-27), God gives us what we want, and it's not always good. Also from D&C 19, he intentionally deceives us, to see how we will behave with what we think we know. I think this is a lot of the origin of the Doctrine and Covenants—giving the Rigdon-Campbellites, who already had a preconceived notion of what the restoration needed to look like and what the church needed to be, so the Lord gave it to them. But the D&C also has lot of light a truth.

God gives commandments to an idolatrous people. However, in my view, there are only really two commandments: love God and love your neighbor, but when you realize that God manifests a portion of himself in your neighbor, that there really only is one commandment, and as he said in his parable, helping your fellow man is equivalent/the-same-as helping Him.

So those are my conclusions so far.