Most people seek to follow Christ and learn truths that will please God. Usually, they find a special interpretation, see patterns, or otherwise discover something others have missed. Sometimes this comes from a good deal of inspiration. After having obtained this truth, they form a church body with a set of doctrines and beliefs that all must subscribe to, to be considered members of their church in good standing. These members, having accepted what they believe to be God's whole truth, become heirs of salvation in their own mind. After obtaining such an enviable status, a centralized governing head forms for this body that establishes tenets, a common set of doctrines, creates curriculum and lesson plans to ensures that all the members believe alike. "False" doctrines are put down and "true" doctrines are exalted. Missionaries are dispatched to spread the good word.

But there already is a central mind, and it is already in charge of salvation, and already knows all bounds that have been set. These centralized earthly minds, attempt to overthrow God and subvert this mind, rather than letting this mind be in us.

In the Book of Mormon, when Zion failed, having lost the mind, the first thing they began to establish were...churches.