See that you are naked. Quick! Hide!

"See that you are naked. Quick! Hide!"

This was a message of fear. At its core is the message "You're not good enough."1 It is this message that enables all the engines of Babylon.

If we consider ourselves respectively Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge as lies, then we as curious children can come to the tree, view it, even touch the fruit2 and observe its operations on others. A serpent, full of poison, or the father of lies3 lives in the tree, owns the tree, and tempts us to partake of what he has to offer.4 As children, we refuse, because we are happy, wild5 and full of love and curiosity.

A point comes, when we as children ingest what we see in others.6 We partake of the bitterness of adults. When we partake, the seed is planted in us, and grows up to become a great tree that others come and behold and hear the lies and observe the reaction to the poison. "Come and see! Behold the tree!"

A tree has fruit and seed in itself. As the tree grows in us, we pass the fruit, this serpent, this father, this poison on to others. And so it grows and spreads from person to person until a large and strong and corrupt orchard has grown up in all of us and all around and we can no longer remember Eden.

In this new orchard, there are only thorns, thistles and corrupt trees. And so, believing the first lie, we reaped what God said we would7 from believing that lie. We set up for ourselves images of perfection and we fall down and worship them. But they are lies, and a lie is not the truth and never is and thus it can never be achieved.



1. Not good enough, in this allegory, for the Love of God. Even God's Love becomes a commodity of scarcity in Babylon.

2. Adam was the first to expand on the commands of God, God told Adam before Eve was created not to eat the fruit, but as Adam is explains it to Eve, he says adds "neither shall ye touch it."

3. A father denotes reproduction of posterity in his own image.

4. What a father of lies has to offer is a lie that is capable of reproduction.

5. The sparrows are wild and your father feedeth them. Ye are worth more than many sparrows.

6. It is in good measure because of our love and trust in those we love that we eventually come down to believe, and then are ever after confused.

7. "Adam, because thou hast...partaken of the forbidden fruit, the earth shall be cursed for thy sake. Instead of producing fruits and flowers spontaneously, it shall bring forth thorns, thistles, briars, and noxious weeds to afflict and torment man; and by the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread all the days of thy life."