War of the Gods

There is a battle going on inside of us for the throne that rightfully belongs to God. His throne is in His temple. Satan sits in the temple of God, claiming he is God. He claims ownership because he is not resisted. The creeds of men, their interpretation of scripture, wherein they think they are resisting only serve to strengthen his authority. In the temple, his role is that of the accuser, accusing us day and night before God.

"In the dream of the second attention, we begin to doubt: "Maybe everything I learned is not the truth." We begin to challenge what we believe; we start to question all the opinions that we learned. We know there is something in our head that makes us do many things that perhaps we don t want to do—something that has complete control of our mind—and we don't like it. And because we don't like it, at a certain point we begin to rebel.

"In that rebellion, we try to recover our authenticity, what I call the integrity of the self, or the totality of what we are." (The Fifth Agreement, p. 134.)


See Also

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Revelation 12:10