Dream and Casting Out Spirits

It's 5:15 am.

I just had a dream/experience that I felt I needed to get up and write about.  Before I begin, I need to relate a past experience.  About three weeks ago I had a similar experience that dovetails to this one.  I am a mother to a 9 month old baby son who has Down syndrome.  This means developmental delays, so basically I still have a very young infant.  As a result I am often awake throughout the night.  Well, about three weeks ago, as I was awake in bed, but still mostly in a sleep state, I had the distinct impression that evil spirits came in to the bedroom.  I became more fully awake and realized I was being accosted by, but I believe close to exactly, three evil spirits.  I am a very terrified scaredy cat so I immediately reached over and shook MSB and told him to wake up.  He roused some and comforted me than fell back asleep.  The spirits remained.  I knew from past experience that MSB is quite apt at sleeping through most things and I was pretty much on my own.  In a very afraid state of mind I did not know what to do, so I simply told the spirits to leave me alone and get MSB as I knew he could handle it.  I then put the experience out of my mind, finished nursing the baby and went back to sleep.

Now for tonight.  Before we lived here, and moved to Maryville, we lived in Valrico FL.  It was a wonderful place but we needed to move.  While there we had friends in our ward, the Naismith’s*.  They moved away to another state.  Well, last night, or this morning, I dreamt about them.  I dreamt that we for some reason had come to visit them and that we were with them at their ward building.  I dreamt we were outside the building and that Matt* had a very powerful vision. As we were outside Matt was wrapped up in a vision so powerfully it lifted him up off the ground.  He seemed to be lifted in a transcendent state.  We were all very excited for Matt.  MSB also joined in with Matt, though Matt was still the main visionary, in the vision so that he could have a similar experience.  When the vision ended Matt landed back on the sidewalk so hard that his heels left marks in the firmly established pavement, causing the cement to fracture and pieces to fly in the air.  I was struck in the face and as a result lost some of my teeth.  I suddenly awoke.  When I did I heard the baby’s soft cry and got up to nurse him.  As I got him settled I had the strong impression that I needed to contact Kara immediately and let her know and remind Matt that there are both good and evil spirits, that there is a way to distinguish both, and for her and Matt to be careful.  I got my tablet and sent a Facebook message to her.  I felt much better after the message was sent.

The peaceful feeling of having sent the message was short lived as I had the strong knowledge that evil spirits had just entered the room and were standing beside me on my side of the bed.  Because of my last experience, and the ensuing conversation I had about it with MSB, I remembered that he had taught me to cast out evil spirits.  I could not remember how to do so.  I reached over again and shook him awake.  He was slightly awake and more easily aroused this time as we had our 5 year old, SKB in the bed with us (she often sneaks in to sleep with her daddy in the night), as well as our two year old daughter, CEB, nestled between us, plus me sitting up on my side of the bed holding/nursing JMB.  Anyway, he woke and told SKB to lie down on the floor.  I told him to hold off putting her on the floor and keep her near him and asked him how to cast evil spirits.  He told me first to seek permission from Heavenly Father if I may cast them out, and then how to proceed.  Well, I am a one step at a time kind of girl, so I did the first, prayed for permission, and felt a definite yes and felt it was because of the children in the room.  So then I had MSB repeat to me what I needed to do, and then I did so.  I raised my arm to the square them and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command all devils, demons, evil spirits and unclean spirits to depart, I ask Heavenly Father to place a protective shield around me, "In the name of Jesus Christ amen." (I realize now the ending part didn’t need to be said but old habits are hard to break).  As I said the words ‘devils, demons, evil spirits, and (strongest here) unclean spirits’ I felt a mint tingling sensation, like a burning, begin in my chest and expand through my body outward, all the way to my toes.

When I had finished I relayed my dream and all that had happened to MSB.  As I did so I recalled that I felt as though I had seen the spirit walk through the closed the bedroom door, which means it (he, maybe?) had been walking in the hallway, possibly affecting others in the house.  I asked MSB if he would seek permission, and on my and the children’s behalf, cast out the spirits from our home, as I had only cast them from myself.  He did so and I felt much better.  In my mind’s eye I saw a beautiful shield, much like a soap bubble, envelop our home and property.  I understood that it is not only okay, but good, for me to rely on my husband as he protects me, but that I need to be as strong as he, for he cannot and will not always be present.  I need to be able to protect myself and the children.  I understood the beautiful order of how the children are under my mother’s protection, especially the youngest ones, and the olders, as they grow and I teach them, while they learn to protect themselves; and then how both the children and I are under the protection of our husband/father.  What a beautiful order Heavenly Father has created.  I see it in my mind and it is good.

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent.