From a FB convo:

MSB: It is really easy to say something has a dark sprit when it doesn't agree with our viewpoint. The darkness in most cases is the darkness in our own minds, the darkness of fear, accusation and misunderstanding. All you have to do to prove that point is look at how many things that the LDS disagree with are "dark and apostate" and that they "speak in the spirit against it," yet in our understandings are full of light and truth. We've brought out with us the same errors, and claim that we are really the right ones.


LHB: I have thought and prayed a bit about this all morning, pondering on myself particularly, and trying to work out my own beams and motes in my eyes, pondering over Bret and just truly feeling grateful for the path he is on and the chance he has to be free and try and test and experiment with new things without fear or reservation, just so glad he can walk whatever paths as necessary for his own growth as he comes to know The Lord, and how much love I have for you all as we each do the same, I pray for that, for all of us. I have prayed over the idea that we come and go with being deceived and /or possessed by evil spirits (which I believe is true) and the idea makes me more forgiving, slower to judge, filled with greater love and empathy.

My heart swells with joy contemplating the opportunities for growth God has given us, how He loves us and patiently waits for us as we learn under His guidance. Thank you sweet Jesus for allowing me this time. Thank you for loving me, for showing me how to be free. Thank you for those I find along the path, those I love and know as family, those I meet for a brief time, those who linger after death, and just everyone!

Anyway, somehow the things touched on in this thread have given me pause for consideration on many things, and have caused my heart to rejoice and praise my God forever!!