The Lost Child

Why is it when people get old, they feel they know all the answers to any question, on any subject? Why is it that they feel their experience is the only right way, and instead of listening to the experience, cares and concerns of others, they proceed to teach their one true way? Lost is the child in the increasing stiffness and pride that comes with age. "teach parents that they must repent and be baptized, and humble themselves as their little children, and they shall all be saved with their little children."

The "true preachers" of the Christian faith, knew a fourteen year old's vision was of the devil. The old Pharisees who inherited the religion of Moses knew they had the answers and declared Christ himself worked by the power of Satan while remaining pious and devoted to a religion which they had made rotten. Laman and Lemuel "knew" the people in Jerusalem were righteous and that their father was a wicked man, and their brother also who they plotted to murder. It is the religious, more than anyone else who persecutes the truth; because they "know". So in recent history a little boy had to overthrow them, and now the new religion founded in truth has turned persecutor. And guess what? This time they "know" they are right too.

"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, I beseech of you in words of soberness that ye would repent, and come with full purpose of heart, and cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you. And while his arm of mercy is extended towards you in the light of the day, harden not your hearts. Yea, today, if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts; for why will ye die?"

"why have ye polluted the holy church of God? Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies--because of the praise of the world?"