Dream: A Five Minute Talk

Dreamt I was sitting in church and I saw my name on the program and the subject I was supposed to speak on, and remembered bishop CS asked me to speak the week before. I didn't have time to prepare and the hour of my talk was upon me. It was a curious subject or title, it was like the title of a poem. I wish I remembered it.

MSBJ tried to help me come up with material. Someone gave a talk on a similar subject in Relief Society, so he was going through the registry on previous talks. He found that Sister HP had given one. MSBJ got her bags and we were looking through her notebook to see what we could see. We never found it, or if we did, there was no time to read it.

I walked to the bathroom, maybe as a way to just walk and try to relax (the building was a mix of the building of my childhood and the one of my adulthood, the latter being somewhat turned around.)

I tried looking up the title or subject I was given on my phone, but I was constrained in the spirit not to.

I knew it was about my time, I was totally unprepared. I walked in the chapel and the singing had just ended, I was seen and invited up to speak. I was nervous. Still didn't know what I would say. I believe I was in the position the Lord wanted me to be in, in the dream. I looked at the clock: 5m left of sacrament mtg. That was a relief. I could stand and say nothing and be fine.

Mormon's appraisal of Capt. Moroni kept coming to mind "If all men ever were..." in the previous thirty minutes, but I didn't know where to go with that.

As I stood there at the stand, looking at the clock and contemplating what to talk on, I began by talking about the new and everlasting covenant

Here is what I believe.

I said in Moses' vision he saw every particle of the earth, and every person. I believe those two things are related.

D&C talks about the Father having a body of flesh, the Son also and the HG doesn't, otherwise he could not dwell in us. I believe that statement was inserted by Sidney Rigdon, but not completely sure.

Suppose for a moment that Joseph's understanding of the nature of God wasn't evolving, and that in the Lectures on Faith, he was trying to emphasize and teach important concepts.

Lectures on Faith says God is a being of spirit, glory and power. The Son, a being of tabernacle. The Son cast his tent, or tabernacle upon the earth.

We have tabernacles of clay. "In my Father's house there are many mansions." We have this veil of the material world that causes the eternal world to be hidden.

In the ordinance of baptism there is a ritual part which man can control, and there is a part which is completely up to God and no one controls.

"Which temple ye are..."

When you come into contact with heaven and can "peer into it for five minutes" as Joseph said, then you will learn more than was ever written on the subject, because the scriptures, which are just words, you begin to understand them. But you have to be brave, because what you find out, may contradict previous interpretations.

The new and everlasting covenant is "new" because it is renewed in you it has always been in existence. Creation was founded upon this covenant, and when you come into contact with it, you gain knowledge of things that bring you into harmony with that covenant.

I don't think the subject of the nature of God was passed down perfectly in the LDS Church and that we have some misunderstandings about that. I believe it is important to understand correctly.

I knew I was being watched and I knew many mistrusted me. I said that I wished no one any harm physically, mentally or spiritually, and wasn't sure anyone should take the road I've been on, because it is treacherous.

I didn't want to end "in the name of Jesus Christ" and suppose more than I should, so I made a play on Moses' words so that it would be both an admonition and the same "sounds" would end the talk and make it less akward for the audience. So I said, I would that all men might speak in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Ahmen. Maybe if I'm asked to speak for five minutes another time, I can talk about the meaning of that name.

I was curious as to why I had been asked to speak, as I was known to be a problem, and guardians of doctrine were in attendance, and I had no idea whether I'd be stopped, tackled, or anything else. I was happy I found something to speak on, even though probably no one understood what I was talking about, and I kind of intended it that way.

I woke when it was still dark, but the sun was beginning to rise.