About eight months ago I started praying over water. Praying, but more like imprinting it, or imagining and asking for Christ’s light to flow into it as well as burn/drive out any negative energy.

I started this when contemplating the way Seneca preps her flower essences. I noticed when I took (especially one) an essence that a health issue I had for decades, and had basically come to ignore was cleared up. I eventually stopped taking the essence because I noticed that when I prayed this way over plain water myself (and often food too) that it had the same effect.

I’ve experimented with this enough to know that when I neglect to do so, the issue returns, but goes away again when I repeat the process.

I’ve been, more recently, asking for specific things to “imprint” on the water like more energy and vitality for the day, but this is an experiment in-progress.

This is Seneca’s description of her process: (Link)


LHB had an insight a while back that I thought was cool that can be summed up this way: Baptism of fire is the real baptism by water.

So baptism by water would seem to be primarily a symbol of baptism by fire. Many people have seen and talked about it this way. Our bodies are made of mostly water so when we come into contact with the divine (baptism by fire), it vibrates upon our bodies (or our water) and harmonizes it with heaven, so baptism by fire (if this is correct) is literally also a baptism or energetic purification of our water.


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