Many want to, or have an idea that it’s possible to come into the presence of God and be saved. The Lectures on Faith state that  to have this kind of saving faith, a correct knowledge of the nature of God must be understood — before you can be saved in His presence. Can you have saving faith in God if you miscalculate his nature? Paul taught about the curse of the Law and the paroxysms it caused. There was indeed a Law of Moses and a constantly condemned people that grew out of it, but the “Law”, whether given by Moses or someone else1 has the power to do the same thing, to bring people under condemnation for rejecting the nature of God, while the same time serving God’s purpose, to prevent an idolatrous people, at Kohlberg’s stage 3 and 4, from being more wicked than they would otherwise be, until they understood the purpose of the Law.

1. The Sermon on the Mount, a description of a saved being, can likewise, and has been turned on its head and turned into and abused as a “Law”


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