Do I Believe Denver Snuffer is a Prophet?

Do I believe Denver Snuffer is a prophet? Yes, because I've spent hundreds of hours reading his books. I've spent hundreds more pondering them and weighing them in the balance of the scriptures and words of Joseph Smith and asking the Lord if it was correct and I received the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Spirit showed me things about his message, and two other people receive the same witness at the same time with me.

As a result I have glorious views and much to repent of.

How many hours have you spent, with real intent, reading and studying his words from his mouth and not the mouths of those who seek to disprove him?  If the answer one, two, four or zero, then you will never receive a witness because you don't have real intent, you took no thought save it was to ask, or save it was to disprove, or save it was to prove what you already believe. If you are content with that then you're welcome to it.

Further, I'm glad that it was difficult to obtain this witness from God. I'm glad that it wasn't easy and that I had to search and dig and be unsure and go down several strange paths. It was a teaching and refining process in itself. It admits none who do not have real intent. It prohibits the light-minded entry and filters out many of the vain and proud.