A Community

Taking ideas and putting them into words is a translation process, much like translating a foreign language. Likewise taking words and turning them into our thoughts is a translation process. We map thoughts into words and then someone takes our words and maps them into their thoughts. This is a dangerous process because our map (mostly in adults) consists of many preconceived ideas of what things mean and we can we mis-translate the intent. One person can read an old book and they can take the words to validate how wonderful they are. Another person in the same situation can read the same words and say "Wo is me! I need to repent!"


Tonight we had a discussion for an hour and a half on D&C 76:1. All the children except the two babies were involved asking questions and postulating answers. We talked about many things that the verse meant. TRB said his ideas were stacking on top of each other, and I said that is the Holy Ghost, pure intelligence flowing into you.

JDB said that members of the church ought to read that verse.

I encouraged the them to take their questions to the Lord, ask him what ___ means. And to continue to search and see if they can learn how to recognize the voice of the God and receive revelation.

If we are on D&C 76 for the next 118 nights, it will be time well spent. The discussion tonight will lubricate future discussions.


Yesterday as LHB and I were walking I lamented to her how I wanted a community. How I had seen other communities, mostly out west and the progress they were making. She reminded me that our family is a community and I thought how that was true and that we had made a lot of improvements in a short time. I also thought that in our microcosm, we had to figure out how to be one with each other before we would be able to be one with a larger group. We still have issues we need to work out, but like I said, we've made a lot of improvement.

Tonight we had a community of believers. Not enough to sustain according to the Lord's pattern, but a partial community nonetheless.


I invite all, to come. Come, be free, and partake of the goodness of God.